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throne kingdom at war order citadel
Constructing the Citadel - Throne: Kingdom at War browser , Throne: Kingdom at War Community | General Questions , Citadel Buildings - Throne: Kingdom at War browser game guide, Order Citadel: Buildings - Throne: Kingdom at War - Guide , Throne: Kingdom at War Community | Game Database | Useful , Town Hall - Order Citadel: Buildings - Throne: Kingdom at , Throne Kingdom at War - The Complete Game Guide, Throne: Kingdom at War - Free MMO Strategy Game by Plarium, Throne: Kingdom at War - Facebook.

Correct: Only OvO brings points from Citadel activities.So, immediately after OvO, set transformations going, to complete during the next OvO, just under 1 week later.As you noted with buildings, so too with studies - once started, if they are going to complete between OvO's, boost them to complete during the prior OvO. This is a very popular strategy, timed to end seconds before OvO end. This is called 'Citadel Bombing'. More than a few times we have fallen victim to this, when the enemy suddenly gained billions of points out of nowhere.Note that completing technology creation brings no OvO points. Be sure you don't care about points before using citadel boosts on technologies. [Technologies take so long you will have to use boosts.]Often orders invite players of other orders to join them temporarily to craft technologies they have created. Asking only for a donation to their Citadel (e.g. Silver) as that player can afford. Stronger players of any order in a kingdom make it more likely that KvK/r wil be won, benefiting all.Looking at my own Citadel, the cost for raising the Town Hall from level 2 to level 3 is 188K Rations, 236K Planks, 80.0K Cast Iron, 236K Marble, 48.0K Tokens, 800 Draftings. That's 94, 118, 40, 118, 24 transformations. At one transformation each per week, it will take more than 2 years before you will have enough. And that's without doing anything else, like studies or technologies.Note that is K, thousands of each, and those are converted resources. So multiply each by something like 35 to figure out how much input resources will be needed. So, something like 6.5B, 8.3B, 2.8B, 8.3B, 1.7B input rss down the Citadel Drain, just to raise one building one level. Only 9 more buildings to go after that - for each level. Now suppose you used that rss on your own economic studies to improve your production, and send it all to a fellow order member, and they do the same. (Then everyone sends everything to the Citadel, having raised themselves and everyone else to be as strong and successful as possible.)As said, given the expense, best to group as many players together in the fewest number of citadels, to spread the cost as widely as possible.Given the expense of raising a building noted above, it would not be unreasonable to execute several transformations per week of each. (And winning OvO makes transformations a bit cheaper.) For two per week, set the one after OvO to complete at start of next OvO, then start another one then to complete just before OvO end. For three per week, set the one after OvO to complete midway.. To view all conditions for constructing the Citadel, go to the My Order tab, the Order menu and select the Order Citadel section. To construct the Citadel, the Order . Join Throne: Kingdom at War discussion about General Questions and read about Order Citadel. Share your experiences, log in now!.
In the Order Citadel you can construct and upgrade the buildings listed below. Town Hall This is the main building of the Order Citadel, where you can view your stats . comments on this page comments on throughout the site Items. Post a comment. X. Join Throne: Kingdom at War discussion about Game Database and read about Useful materials for the Order Citadel. Share your experiences, log in now!. The Town Hall is the main administrative building of the Order Citadel. It provides you with detailed statistics and determines the maximum level of other buildings.. The complete game guide for Throne Kingdom at War with everything you need to know. Joining an Order – Have you joined an order The Order Citadel. 1. 2 . In Throne: Kingdom at War, your mission is to become a great city builder, rule an invincible empire, and lead your army to glorious victory! This epic strategy game .
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