throne kingdom at war vip levels

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throne kingdom at war vip levels
Throne: Kingdom at War Community | Game Database | Table , VIP statuses - Throne: Kingdom at War browser game guide, Throne: Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies, Throne: Kingdom at War - Tipps für Einsteiger , Throne: Kingdom at War | MMO Strategy Game |, Throne: Kingdom at War - Guide, description, help for the , Throne: Kingdom of War Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to , VIP-Status -Throne: Kingdom at War – Browser-Spielanleitung, Hints & Tips - Throne: Kingdom at War - Super Cheats.

VIP status gives you a range of bonuses, the number and effectiveness of which increase with each VIP level (the maximum VIP level is 30). VIP status is activated when you reach a new VIP level or apply a special VIP Status Activation item (1-Day, 7-Day, or 30-Day). To reach the next VIP level, you need to earn a certain number of VIP points. You can get these in the following ways: - Buy them in the Item Store for Gold - Buy them in the Order Store for Personal Points - Get them as a reward for passing checkpoints in some Tournaments - Get them as a gift from the Emperor (Emperor's Gifts: VIP points) - Get them as part of Bank offers Moreover, you can earn VIP points for attacking Assailants, Alpha Assailants, and Apostates, and also as a daily reward for logging in to the game. If your VIP status is active, you can complete VIP Errands. Some levels of VIP status also provide additional usual, special, and VIP Errands, along with various ways of completing them automatically. VIP status improves your economic and military stats. For example, you can reduce your troops' Food consumption with the help of VIP status. From VIP level 16, you can instantly fuse jewels of a certain class, and from level 18 you can fuse runes. What is your VIP level? . Join Throne: Kingdom at War discussion about Game Database and read about Table of VIP level bonuses. Share your experiences, log in now!. If you have VIP status, you get a range of significant bonuses. The higher your VIP status level, the more advantages you receive. You can get VIP points in the .
Throne: Kingdom at War is a free-to Kingdom at War Tips, Cheats and Strategies has plenty Underneath that is your current experience level, . Darüber hinaus erhaltet ihr in den ersten Levels von Throne: Kingdom at War viele Dinge kostenlos. erhaltet ihr mit VIP-Level 4 bereits sieben Prozent mehr . History is written by the victors! Fight for the Throne and the title of King in Plarium's medieval MMORTS!. Throne: Kingdom at War WWO 07-04-2019 18:49 Anyone know what the cutoff points are for the different league levels? e.g VIP Reply. 0. Badger . Throne: Kingdom of War is a new Kingdom of War Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Become a next to your experience level. And below that and your VIP . Wenn du einen VIP-Status besitzt, erhältst du eine Reihe bedeutender Boni. Je höher der Level deines VIP-Status ist, desto mehr Vorteile erhältst du. So erhältst .
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