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throne kingdom at war hyper farming
Throne: Kingdom At War Hyper Farming Tips (Advanced Level), throne kingdom at war hyper farming proguide -, Hyperfarming in detail - Throne:Kingdom at war, Throne: Kingdom at War | MMO Strategy Game |, Throne Kingdom at War - The Complete Game Guide, Hyperfarming in detail - Throne:Kingdom at war - King of , Hints & Tips - Throne: Kingdom at War - Super Cheats, Throne Kingdom at War beginner guide, Hero's Skills (Main) - Throne: Kingdom at War - Guide .

Hypefaming is the key to having rss at all times without having to send troops out for yieling.All you need is 4 players.There are 24 spot for production buildings. That is 1 of each of food, wood, iron and stone to be able to unlock the next level.If you wil be hyperfarm food you make the remaining 20 spots into farms. For wood it's lumber mills etc. Each of the 4 players choose 1 hyperfarm of choice but you all have a different one.Have them at least level 21 to have a decent production.When you reach your capicity of your hyperfarm you send the rss to on other account to be able to keep producing. Next to food, wood, iron and stone each player is able to produce silver. Choose one account to hold silver and send the produced silver to that account.Next to the buildings your hero has to be set up.Fill in your hero's skill points into the following sequence(for food):Food production 3, Silver production 3,Food production 2,Silver production 2,Food production 1,Silver production 1,Resourses production 1,Resourses production 2,Besides that you can hit assailants for production gear to get it even higher!For a guide to create the best hyperfarming equipment, see Xexar's page found here:  This way you wont have any issue with having low recouses.see below for a full hero spec for hyperfarm wood & silver:(i always have a build / study / resources production set as i find it the easiest to work with)User id: 2957451. Hyper Farming is a strategy and concept used by advanced players in Throne: Kingdom At War, so how to start Hyper Farming?. Join Throne: Kingdom at War discussion about Fan Guides and read about throne kingdom at war hyper farming proguide. Share your experiences, log in now!.
Hyperfarming in detail - Throne:Kingdom at war How to Hyper-Produce - Duration: Throne Kingdom At War EP 1 Built A Jumper Account, . History is written by the victors! Fight for the Throne and the title of King in Plarium's medieval MMORTS!. The complete game guide for Throne Kingdom at War with everything you need to know. Home. Guide. Donate. Contact. Farming - If you need to do some farming, . king of avalon throne guide I explained in my first hyperfarming video how to set up your palace for hyperfarming. This video I wanted to go more in depth on what . It is important to make sure your Troops are always farming resources because if they are not they ASK A QUESTION for Throne: Kingdom at War . Comments for Hints . I have played Throne Kingdom at War for a couple of months. I started several accounts throughout this time period testing different starting strategies and learning .
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