age of universe at redshift z

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age of universe at redshift z
Cosmology Calculators - NED, How to calculate age of universe with a certain redshift , Redshift - Wikipedia, Cosmological Times - Case Western Reserve University, APOD: 2013 April 8 - A Redshift Lookup Table for our Universe, Making a plot with both redshift and universe age axes, Recombination (cosmology) - Wikipedia, Age-redshift relation -, Calculating age of the universe using redshift .

If this is a question from a class, then I suspect your professor is asking you to consider a flat universe with only matter (i.e. no cosmological constant). The reason they have you make this simplifying assumption is that the equations are harder to solve for other situations. This simple model for the universe was considered for a long time before the acceleration was discovered, so it shouldn't be wildly off.. Cosmology Calculator I Ned Wright, Omega(Lambda) and a luminosity, returning the age of the Universe at redshift z, the look-back time to redshift z, . Hi i am confused as to how to calculate the age of the universe with redshift say for example The age of the universe now is 13 billion years old (and a.
Using a model of the expansion of the Universe, redshift can be related to the age of an observed object, (TN J0924-2201) is at a redshift z = 5.2 . Cosmic age t(z): the age of the universe at that redshift; Let's calculate this for one model: So if we find an object of a given age at a given redshift, . A Redshift Lookup Table for our Universe where redshift z is listed in the first and last columns, while the corresponding universe age in billions of years is . Each redshift corresponds to an age of the universe, for example, depending on your setup (the age of the universe should be ~13 Gyr at z=0). In [10]:. Big Bang · Universe; Age of It is possible to find a rough estimate of the redshift of the recombination epoch assuming corresponding to redshift z = . The most distant galaxy discovered is GN-z11 in the Hubble Ultra deep Field at redshift z=11.9, about 10% of the age of the Universe in the rest frame of the galaxy..
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